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A Canadian Geese Mated Couple stopped by the neighborhood as PG & E were working out there. The geese were so sweet and tame. On their flightpath to and from Lake Vasona Park and Lake Shoreline Park, they stop by a few times a year to visit us here at Bonnie View. My buddy told me they were outside and eating some folliage that might have had weed killer sprayed on it, so I quickly ran out there with lettuce, Un-Shelled Peanuts, Bread and Water. I didn't know what else to give them, aside from what I read on a quick google search, I watched on Winged Migration Movie, that Canadian Geese Migrate every year back and forth from California to Northern Canada, about 1,500 miles, a trip I might be making in the next few weeks myself...


From Winged Migration movie:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">



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